There may be several reasons why your Facebook business page is not listed. Here are two key ones:

  • You're not logged into the Facebook personal profile at that is assigned an Editor or Admin role
  • PromoRepublic does not have permission to connect your Page

To fix this make sure that you're an Admin and that you're authorized in the proper Facebook profile at

Next, re-authorize SocialPost inside your Facebook account settings. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

 1. In your Facebook personal profile head over to Business Integrations as shown or follow this link.

Classic View

Click on the top right corner, select Settings, find Business Integrations on the left.

New View

Click on the top right corner, select Settings&Privacy, select Settings, find Business Integrations on the left.

2. You should see SocialPost there. Tick the box on the right to remove it. If you don't see it there while at least one FB page is already connected, contact us at [email protected]. If you don't see it there and there is no FB page connected, then follow the Step 5 and Step 6 below.

3. A pop up will appear asking if you'd also like to delete all your SocialPost activities. It is very important to leave this box unticked, unless you really want to delete ALL posts that have been published to Facebook via PromoRepublic before.

4. Go back to PromoRepublic, disconnect your Facebook pages and groups if you have added some already.

 5. After this re-log into your PromoRepublic account. Click on Facebook to add the pages.
 6. There will be a pop-up window asking you to give SocialPost permission. Hit OK.

If you click on Choose What You Allow, you'll see that all the pages and groups are ticked by default. We suggest that you leave it as it is. Giving permission to access your pages and groups doesn't mean that we will post there without you involved in the process. And it doesn't mean that we want to have access to your data. The purpose is solely to set the connection.

But if you insist on deselecting some pages, make sure that the Groups section is ticked, because it is mandatory. Otherwise, you won't be able to add pages.

Here is a video tutorial to demonstrate the instructions above.

If the problem still persists, please contact us at [email protected] 

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