Different social media networks have different image size requirements, so an image size suitable for Facebook won`t do, for example, for Twitter and vice versa.

In the Graphics Editor, you can create visuals for:

  • Facebook post (940x788);
  • Facebook cover (works only for download) (820x312);
  • Facebook ad (works only for download) (1200x628);
  • Instagram post (1080x1080);
  • Instagram Story post (1080x1920);
  • Twitter post (1024x512);
  • LinkedIn post (1400x800);
  • Pinterest (735x1102).

In addition, there is a square size of 800x800 pixels.

Once you are in the Editor, you are offered to choose the appropriate size in the pop-up window.

Be advised that PromoRepublic templates are optimized for Facebook Posts (940 x 788). Also, be careful when you submit a post to several social media networks simultaneously - pictures DO NOT resize automatically. That is why pay your attention that the artwork is not resized when you change the original template size to a different one. 

So, what would you do if you want to use a Facebook size post to publish it to your Instagram Story?

  1. You chose a template that originally was assigned Facebook post size.
  2. Next, in the Editor in the top left corner size box is located. Click it to choose the Instagram Story mode.

The size will be changed, though the artwork won't be automatically adjusted accordingly. 

3. Click the design, drag it by the corners, replace the wording and other objects, change their size if needed. Eventually, you will adjust the visual manually.

We are actively working to add more template sizes to the Post Ideas section to make the resize flow smoothly, but if you don't find the desired size, feel free to customize it to your taste. 

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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