In PromoRepublic it's possible to customize the post's visual and the caption for different social networks selected at a time.

Once the image is ready, you get directed to the post editor where you have numerous options on what to do with it: schedule, boost, save as a draft, upload another image, etc., as well as tweak the post for several pages so the post would be different in each of them. 

How does it work?

In the post editor select the desired social pages, scroll down a little and click on the Customize for each social platform button that is placed under the image.

Based on the social platforms, which pages you selected, the post editor will be divided accordingly. 

For example, you chose 2 Facebook pages and 1 Twitter account. In this case, the post editor will be split into 2 boxes (but not 3): Facebook and Twitter. The visual and the text will be copied for each.

Adding a page of another social platform that wasn't selected originally will create another section. De-selecting such a page will automatically dismiss this section.

As you know, Pinterest, Google Business Profile, and LinkedIn don't allow multiple images per post (either restricted by API or originally). If one of these platforms is selected, the first visual will be selected as the main one, but you can change it by dragging and dropping it.  

If you want to return to the original post view, just de-select the pages. 

In each section you can:

  • Add emojis;

  • Create or edit the image in the Graphics Editor;

  • Upload an image or GIF/Video;

  • Edit text;

  • Add a dynamic attribute*.

* The Post Localization feature is available on white-labelled platforms, including Franchise solutions.


You can't copy or drag and drop the content from one section to another. It is recommended to prepare the content in the first place before it is split.

Don't forget that image is mandatory for Pinterest and Instagram. You'll be prompted with the red camera icon when there is no picture.

We hope this helps!

If you have any further questions, please email us at [email protected]

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