Now we have the ability to delete connected posts in bulk. This feature is available for all users and all the plans that we provide.

As you know, with the multiposting feature, you can schedule posts to several social media pages or several workspaces at the same time. 

Technically, scheduling a post to multiple pages within one or several workspaces, automatically creates a separate copy of this post for each of the selected pages. These are now connected posts. You'll get a prompt about this when you schedule this way for the first time (check the picture below).


Only the author of the posts can delete them in bulk. Other users can only remove the posts that they scheduled to the pages and/or workspaces that they manage.

So, how can you actually delete posts? It's pretty simple!

1. Choose the post that you want to remove and click on the red delete button. 

2. Next, choose to Delete All Connected Posts from the two options.

If you're not the author of the post, this button will be disabled, giving you the ability to Delete Only This Single Post.

IMPORTANT: The bulk delete option is available for scheduled, proposed for approval, failed to approve, and draft posts, but it is unavailable for published posts.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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