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Content organizer full of ideas for consistent SMM

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Social Media Marketing doesn't have to be a chore, nor does it has to be a marketing effort that doesn't deliver. The best content plan will deliver conversions in the form of likes, shares, and web traffic. That's why filling out your social profiles with relevant content is essential.

It shouldn't be only promotional posts, you really should work on the educational and engaging types of content to build a community around your brand instead of constantly selling something. On top of that, you need to post regularly, but you might not always feel inspired.

Where is the source of inspiration? PromoRepublic's Post Ideas is a super easy-to-use tool that provides stunning visual content with pre-loaded headlines. In addition to the organic content, taking advantage of our templates to level up your social media marketing without spending a lot of time is crucial. 

For franchise owners, we can offer an asset management tool to distribute content and secure brand consistency across all locations. You'll be able to keep all marketing assets under control: pictures, templates, PDFs, or videos. Make fixed and editable content easily accessible across markets and regions. Block certain elements so they can’t be modified and violate brand guidelines.

What can I find in the Post Ideas library?

Recommended For You

Once the page is connected, choose the topic that corresponds to your business page industry.

By doing this, you'll help us show you the most relevant content.

Let's say, for example, that you're promoting a fitness studio business page. The Recommended For You section will show all the templates that match your industry. 

Upcoming Events

Do you want to stay in the loop when it comes to the hottest trends, upcoming holidays and breaking news that not only could but should be an integral part of your social media management? Never be late to the party, thanks to our Upcoming Events section. There you will find posts for every season, month and every day of the week. 

These are US-based events such as trends, holidays, history, sports, and celebrities. They are colour coded, so they are marked red, yellow, blue, purple and orange colours respectively.

No matter your industry, you'll always find something to post from here. And what's great is that it is scheduled months ahead, so you can go as far as you want. 

Other Categories

For curated content, check the Articles tab, where we store more than 400 links picked within the boundaries of the Internet.

For engaging content, head over to the Quotes tab that your followers will love you for. Also, don't forget to explore the suggestions in the More section in the right corner.

There you'll see templates explicitly sized for Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook covers; posts to help you run a contest or a poll; motivational and did-you-know posts that are proven to drive engagement.

In Promotions, you'll be able to find from among dozens of options selling mechanics that will meet your business needs the best.

Search bar

If you already know what you're looking for, utilize the search bar located at the top. Type in the keyword and proceed directly with either a template from the library, a free stock image or a curated URL placed in Articles. If you're unsatisfied with the results, pick a similar keyword within the offered ones.

Photo stocks are integrated with PromoRepublic. Just imagine saving the hours you spent just looking for that right visual. 

Upon clicking on the preferred picture, you'll be redirected to the post editor form where you can:

  • Schedule, add to queue or publish the post right away;

  • Boost it;

  • Type in the caption.

And much more depending on your subscription plan. 

I hope this was helpful!

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].


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