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Brief Guide To The Graphics Editor

What can I find in the Editor?

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Apart from the scheduling tool and template storage, our Graphics Editor is at your service to customize the visuals to your taste. In order to help you understand its characteristics and possibilities, here is a short overview of the Editor dashboard.

On the left of the artboard there is a sidebar menu divided into several sections that are as follows:

  1. Ideas. ALL the templates that have been ever added to the Post Ideas Library are placed here, so you might spend hours scrolling down.

  2. Backgrounds. Unlike the Ideas section, this one offers you the search box. Typing an appropriate keyword will ease your work to find the best one. Please, keep in mind that if you first choose a background and then you pick an idea, the idea will replace the background covering it. But if you choose a background after having picked an idea, it will be fitted into this template. For enterprise clients, the Ideas and Backgrounds sections can be removed.

  3. Objects. For your convenience, graphic objects are grouped in different tabs: Banners, Shapes, Stickers, Ribbons, Icons, Frames, Buttons, Speech Bubbles, Lines, Decorations, Emoji, and seasonal group. For enterprise clients, there can be other graphic objects.

4. Text. Add the text and place it on the image. Once you do it, on the left, there will emerge some text set-up menu (font, color, size change, etc).

5. Styles. With PromoRepublic it is possible to pre-set your brand’s fonts and colors for a unified look across all designs. Navigate to this detailed article on how to create a style.

6. Saved. This section groups pictures that you have ever saved and templates that you have ever either scheduled or published into the 'Saved' and 'Recent' sub-tabs accordingly. Having these designs at hand, it will be much easier for you to access, edit, and re-post any of your previous posts. To know more about the re-post feature, check this article. If you wish to know more about drafting your post, read this guide.

7. Uploads. There is no reason why can't import your pictures to the platform. You can! In order to get additional guidelines, head over to this article. If the location feature is included in your subscription plan, you'll see the uploads divided per location that you participate in. You'll find more information about this here.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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