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Custom Fonts and Palettes in Graphics Editor

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With PromoRepublic it is possible to pre-set your brand’s fonts and colors for a unified look across all designs.

Set up your Brand Styles to keep designs on-brand across your organization or clients.

Open Graphics Editor and on the left side, you'll find the Styles tab.

Who will have access to the Styles tab?

  • For agencies: Location owners, administrators, and members can set up and edit the Styles. Users will the client role can't do this because they don't have access to the Graphics Editor at all.

  • For enterprises: Only location owners can set up and edit Styles for the organization. If necessary, owners have the ability to allow location administrators and members to set up and edit styles for their workspaces.

  • Location admins and members can edit and delete only their own styles.

  • Clients can use anything you set up in the Styles to create designs inside the Editor, but they cannot create or manage existing Styles.

Each Style includes the following elements

  • Style name and style assignment (whole organization or specific location)

  • Palettes

  • Fonts

There is no limit on how many Styles you can create.

Creating multiple Styles

  1. From the Content, click on Editor.

  2. Select Styles and click + Add Style

  3. Set up your new Style by

    1. Add the title for the Style and assign it to a workspace or all workspaces (Enterprise clients)

    2. Select Fonts from the Popular fonts or upload your own fonts

    3. Add Colors to the Palette

    4. Save Style

  4. In the Styles section, click + to create the next Style

Choosing Brand Style Fonts and Colors

You can only switch styles when you have several Styles created. You can only do this in the Editor.

Choosing Styles in the color panel

  1. Select an element, and color tiles will appear near the object.

  2. Select a color from the palettes.

You will see the list of Styles available for you to choose from.

Choosing Styles from the font panel

  1. Select a text box.

  2. Click on the font dropdown, and you'll see the list of Brand fonts first.

  3. Choose the font from the needed Style.

Creating and editing color palettes

  1. From the Content, click on Editor.

  2. Select Styles and click + Add Style

  3. Set up your new Style by

    1. Add the title for the Style and assign it to a workspace or all workspaces (Enterprise clients)

    2. Add colors to the palette by selecting a color (or searching via HEX) and clicking Add color.

    3. Delete color from the palette: Hover over the color tile, and click the ✕ button.

    4. Delete palette: Delete colors one by one and save the style update

    5. Save Style

Upload fonts

Workspace owners, admins, and members can upload fonts to the Styles section in the Graphics Editor. Styles aim to help members create designs that are on-brand. Fonts upload is available to users with a Pro plan and higher.

To upload the font:

  1. Click Content and go to Editor.

  2. From the Editor, click Styles from the side panel.

  3. Select which one to customize if you have multiple Styles or hit '+' to create the new Style.

  4. Under Styles, click upload a font. We support OTF and TTF formats.

  5. Choose the file to upload, drag and drop it. Only upload fonts that you're licensed to use.

  6. You will be asked if you have a license/rights to use the font. By uploading the font, you confirm that you do.

  7. Wait for the upload to finish. Save the Style with the font to use while creating new templates.

Uploaded fonts will appear at the top of the list when adding text.

Fonts requirements

Make sure that the font is licensed for embedding. If it's not, the upload may fail. If you’re unsure, check its licensing information, or contact the font provider/seller.

The following font formats are supported:

  • Open Type Font (.otf )

  • True Type Font (.ttf)

There are limitations on uploading and rendering non-latin and non-cyrillic fonts.

Font upload error

There can be several possible reasons why your font doesn’t upload or has errors when used. Here’s what you can do for each:

  • Unsupported format: Make sure your font is in OTF or TTF format.

  • Licensing issue: The font should be licensed for embedding. Ask the font provider if you’re unsure or need to get the correct license or file version.

  • Corrupted file: The file is unreadable. Find a new copy of the font and upload that instead.

  • Font not compatible with PromoRepublic: Sometimes, a font may successfully upload but will have errors when used in a design. Errors might show as missing letters; squares are shown instead of letters, or the font looks different when downloaded. To fix this, find a different font to upload.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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