When creating a post in PromoRepublic you can mention:

  • Facebook business pages*;

  • Twitter profiles;

  • Instagram (personal and business accounts).

*It means that you can mention a business page in a post that you publish to another business page. It's not possible to mention groups and personal profiles. For example, if you mention a group in a post that you'll publish to a business page, it won't work - the text won't be hyperlinked. Or if you mention a business page in a post that you'll publish to a group it won't work either - the text won't be hyperlinked.

How does it work?

In the text box where you write the caption, type in the @ symbol and enter the page name or username. After that, select the desired page from the drop-down list. When the post is live in the feed, the tag will be hyperlinked, and the mentioned profile will be notified.

When tagging a Facebook or Twitter page, while typing the first two letters, the drop-down will pop up automatically. If it doesn't give you the necessary name, keep on writing to get the one.

When tagging an Instagram page, you must type in the full page name. The drop-down will show one element with a typed page name. You can select it in the drop-down or hit Enter or Space button, and the page will be selected automatically. This is caused by the API limitation for 3rd party services.

Multiple social networks

When several social networks are selected, mentions are not available. To fix that, hit on Customize for each social media platform feature at the bottom. Tweak the post for each of these pages.

This way, you'll be able to tag the necessary profile in each post.

If you have any further questions, please email us at [email protected].

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