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Post Creation Essentials: Mentions, Link Shortening, GIFs, and Emojis
Post Creation Essentials: Mentions, Link Shortening, GIFs, and Emojis
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When creating a post in PromoRepublic, you can mention the following:

  • Facebook business pages*;

  • Twitter profiles;

  • Instagram (personal and business accounts).

*It means that you can mention a business page in a post that you publish to another business page. It's not possible to mention groups and personal profiles. For example, if you mention a group in a post that you'll publish to a business page, it won't work - the text won't be hyperlinked. Or if you mention a business page in a post that you'll publish to a group, it won't work either - the text won't be hyperlinked.

How does it work?

In the text box where you write the caption, type in the @ symbol and enter the page name or username. After that, select the desired page from the drop-down list. When the post is live in the feed, the tag will be hyperlinked, and the mentioned profile will be notified.

When tagging a Facebook or Twitter page, while typing the first two letters, the drop-down will pop up automatically. If it doesn't give you the necessary name, keep on writing to get the one.

When tagging an Instagram page, you must type in the full page name. The drop-down will show one element with a typed page name. You can select it in the drop-down or hit Enter or Space button, and the page will be selected automatically. This is caused by the API limitation for 3rd party services.

When several social networks are selected, mentions are not available. As a workaround, we encourage you to customize the post for each social media platform selected. This way, you can tag the necessary profile in each post.

We hope it was helpful!

Link Shortener

When you want to gain traffic, the content used in the posts is not the only key component. Getting the right number of hits and clicks is what matters because if your audience doesn’t click on your post, the efforts become useless.

Long URLs look clumsy, and therefore they bounce even before clicking the link. With the help of PromoRepublic link shortener, your posts will get a higher chance of being clicked. Our link shortener functionality will create a unique and nice-looking URL to make your posts easy to read.

PromoRepublic uses the link shortener to reduce the link. It is available in the post editor modal for all PromoRepublic customers.

How does it work?

In the post editor where you're creating the post, insert the necessary URL in the text box along with the caption. Tap on the link, and you'll see the option to shorten it below.

Once shortened, the link preview will contain the label.

If you want to see the original link (the long one), tapping on it will show it as well as two other options such as Unshorten and Open link. Clicking the latter will open the website in a separate tab.

In case you want to unshorten the link note that you can do it only while creating the post, later it won't be possible (when the post is scheduled, for example).

Create a GIF post

Animated posts show a higher engagement rate compared to pictures and links. You can stand out in the social feed with such interactive and eye-catchy content. And it's so fun to watch! With PromoRepublic you can post animated visuals to Facebook, Instagram Business, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

To create such a post find a GIF in the Animated section in Post Ideas or upload your own from the computer.

Note that PromoRepublic doesn't support the .gif format for Instagram posting. Instead, we provide gifs in .mp4 format in Post Ideas, and they are marked with the Video label.

If you want to upload such an image to your PromoRepublic account, make sure that it is assigned the mp4 format; otherwise, the image won't be dynamic when uploaded.

Adding an emoji

When creating a post in PromoRepublic you can add emojis to the caption, though there is a slight limitation - the list of emojis is visible on computers with OS Windows 10 and iOS Mac.

To include a smiley face in the text, click the emoji icon within the text field. Then pick the one you prefer in the drop-down list.

We hope it was helpful!

If you have any further questions, please email us at [email protected].

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