One of the key channels for offline business is Google My Business. It helps connect and build loyalty with customers that use your services offline. The value of a properly managed and maintained Google My Business page cannot be underestimated; besides, it's free of charge.

Why is it essential to maintain and manage Google My Business pages?

Having Google My Business Pages managed adequately:

  • It is cost-effective in terms of changes to work hours, “pick-up” locations, and service availability or accessibility. Updating this information is quick and saves lots of time, energy, and money, providing excellent customer service to your clients.

  • Higher rankings on GMB make your business stand out in Google Search as it is one of the features that positively influence the Google Search algorithm.

To connect your GMB pages to PromoRepublic, follow this guide.

To become more efficient in managing incoming communication from different channels, PromoRepublic has launched Google My Business to Inbox. This functionality enables you to answer Google My Business Questions and Reviews in one place along with Facebook Comments, Reviews, and Direct Messages.

Whenever you receive a new review or question to your Google My Business location, you will simultaneously receive it in the PromoRepublic interface.

On the left, you can scroll through a conversation list where different dialogues from specific Google My Business pages will be stored: this includes Questions and Reviews only.

Upon clicking on any conversation, it opens up on the right-hand side. You can post an answer that will simultaneously appear in the PromoRepublic user interface, Google Maps, and Google My Business.

Also, you can manage the incoming communication by marking it as reviewed or not (via the checkmark in the conversation list). It can be marked reviewed once you answer in the PromoRepublic interface or once you mark it manually.

The answer to both review and question can only be posted once. Let’s say, for example, you posted a reply to the review, and then you decide to post one more answer. In this case, the previous answer will be erased, and a new one will be posted instead. Please, note the time and date will also be updated.

Filtering and sorting

To manage customer requests and compliance efficiently, you may want to answer negative reviews first. Answering complaints in the first two hours increases the probability to two-thirds that unsatisfied customers will delete the review.

To be on top of it, you may want to apply the PromoRepublic filter.

The Google My Business filter within PromoRepublic is designed to enable you to instantly see reviews and questions of any rating based on your request.

On the other hand, the sorter helps to sort communication by freshness and on the reviewed or unreviewed basis.

Once you have applied the filter, it is recommended to use the sorting functions such as:

  • Default - the filtered conversation will appear in chronological order from newest to oldest.

  • Reviewed first - the conversations will appear in chronological order, but reviewed dialogues will be first, and the unreviewed will follow.

  • Unreviewed first - the conversations that were not answered or manually reviewed will appear first, from newest to oldest. The reviewed conversations will follow.

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