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Posting reels to Instagram through PromoRepublic

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Now you can directly post Reels to your Instagram business accounts through PromoRepublic. Reels boost engagement as you or your customers quickly access and explore videos, helping you grow followers organically and creating a domino effect of improved ranking for your brand.

Before you schedule a reel through PromoRepublic, make sure that you convert your Instagram profile to a business one. Auto-posting of reels to Creator and Personal accounts isn't supported. Also, make sure that the page is connected as a business one as shown below.

Or you can diversify the type of connection by the color of the small Instagram icon - dark red stands for Personal, light red stands for Business.

How does it work?

Pretty straightforward! To schedule a reel, open the post editor, upload a video of the necessary format and choose to schedule it or publish it immediately. Make sure that your video has the aspect ratio of 9:16 or between 5-90 seconds. So always pay attention to the red camera icon on the right.

When published, it will appear in the Global Reels view on Instagram. On the Instagram side, you will see this straight in the Reels tab and Posts tab.

Important: You can't add trending sounds or music because of the API limitation. If you want to use a Reel suggested audio, the best method is to send your Reel to mobile, where you'll receive a notification when it's time to publish and add the audio during the posting process on Instagram.

We hope it's been helpful.

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

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