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How can I post to Instagram through PromoRepublic? (Android version)
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Instagram has divided account types into Personal, Creator, and Professional. According to their API, automatic posting is supported for Professional (business) Instagram accounts, but not Creator and Personal.

Posting to Instagram personal pages through PromoRepublic means posting manually through the mobile app. If you're interested in automatic posting, we suggest converting your personal Instagram page to a business (Professional) type, as explained in this guide.

As you can see in the calendar, we offer two connection options: Instagram Personal and Instagram Business.

Your personal Instagram page is supposed to be connected as personal.

Download the PromoRepublic app from AppStore or Play Market on your phone.

Log in the same way that you use on the desktop: email/password OR Facebook.

You may know already that there are two ways you can log in PromoRepublic on the computer: with email or Facebook. To avoid any access issues, please mind this minor but very important step. Otherwise, the app won't let you sign in with Facebook if you originally used email and password for desktop authorization. Or vice versa.

Once the post is scheduled for a particular day and time, you will receive a notification on your phone when it's time for it to be published.

Here is a typical flow of how to publish a post to a personal Instagram page through the PromoRepublic app on Android devices.

Before you begin: If you have several Instagram accounts, switch to the necessary one in the Instagram app on your mobile device first.

1. In the PromoRepublic app click on the red Post button to start the process.

2. On the second step it says that you have to log into the necessary Instagram account (in case you have several) and that the caption (if any) will be automatically copied, so you don't have to re-write it, but simply paste it.

Hit OK to proceed.

3. Select Feed. At this stage, you're redirected to the Instagram app.

4. Now, you see regular Instagram functionality. Crop your picture if needed and hit the arrow on the top.

5. Edit the image if necessary and hit arrow on the top.

6. Paste the caption (if any) by tapping and holding the text field. Finally, hit the tick on the top to actually publish this post.

Congrats! Your post has been successfully published to your Instagram feed.

When scheduling a post to several Instagram accounts, you will get notifications for each post separately.

Please note that published posts will not have the Repost button in the Calendar on the desktop.

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

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