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Connecting Google Business Profile Locations Individually
Connecting Google Business Profile Locations Individually

Add a single Google Business location

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Here's a step-by-step guide on how to connect your single Google Business Profile (GBP) location. To connect locations in bulk, please refer to this article.

Step 1. Connect

Go to the Directories tab of the location and click Connect on the GBP widget to start the process.

Step 2. Start

If you wish to connect a GBP location managed by someone else by sending them the link, move to step 8.

In all other cases, click Start.

Step 3. Sign in

Make sure you log in to the Google account you manage the location(s) already or wish to manage the location(s) with.

Step 4. Allow Access

A window will open where you are asked to grant the Local Listing Connector access to the Google account. Click Allow.

If you have previously allowed access, this step can be skipped.

  • If you are connecting a verified location that you manage, you can move on to step 7.

  • If you create and connect a new location, move to step 5a.

  • If you are connecting an unverified location managed by you, you can move on to step 5b.

  • If you are connecting a location that exists but you do not manage at the moment, move on to step 5c.

Step 5. Select Location

Step 5A: Create and Connect New Location

If you are creating and connecting a location that does not have an existing listing, click Create and connect.

The location is now created and connected.

Move on to step 6 to verify the location.

Step 5B: Connect Unverified Location

To connect an unverified listing that you manage, click on Confirm next to the location name. Move on to step 6 to verify the location.

Step 5C: Connecting a Verified Location Managed by a Third Party (Request Access)

If you wish to connect a location managed by a third party, you can also request access to this location directly in the Connect Flow.

For more information on requesting access via our platform, please click here (step 6 in the linked article).

Step 6. Verify Location/Continue Verification

Click on Verify this location in the Connect Flow. You can request the verification code directly in the Connect Flow. You will be prompted with the verification methods available for your location.

Phone verification is not always available. You will receive the verification code on the provided phone number if you choose the phone option.

If you choose the option 'by mail' a postcard with the verification code will be sent to the relevant business address. The postcard should arrive within 10 days. Verification codes are valid for 30 days.

Step 7. Connecting a Verified Location Owned by You

If you manage multiple location groups, you will be asked to select a location group first. Otherwise, this step will be skipped.

If you have a bulk verified Google Business Profile account, you will see the option to Connect only one location or Connect all locations. Otherwise, this step will be skipped. Please select Connect only one location if you have this option.

You can see the location and click on the Confirm button next to it.

If you have yet to move the location to a location group, the location will be found in the personal section of your Google Business Profile account. To search the personal, ungrouped section when trying to connect to GBP, click on the highlighted message Manage this location in your ungrouped location where you can select the location you wish to connect.

Step 8. Sending the Connect Flow Link

If the GBP is owned or administered by someone else and they do not have access to the platform, you can send them the link to guide them through the connection.

They can then sign in to the respective Google account and confirm with a few clicks that the platform is granted access to update the profile successfully.

The process is completed as soon as the owner/administrator has approved the account connection.

In case the profile is not verified yet, they can also start the verification process and follow the process as stated in Step 6.

In addition, you can check Google Business Profile Help Center.

To connect locations in bulk, please refer to this article.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

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