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Leveraging the AI Composer for Enhanced Posts
Leveraging the AI Composer for Enhanced Posts
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Feature Overview

PromoRepublic offers a powerful Post Editor fueled by AI, enabling users to effortlessly create captivating social media posts. The AI-powered Post Editor goes beyond analyzing your text and provides suggestions for improvement. It can recommend adding hashtags or emojis, proposing changes in wording for better audience engagement, or even generating new content based on your original text. This saves time and effort and enhances the overall quality of your social media content.

Furthermore, PromoRepublic integrates AI into the reputation management feature, offering users a powerful tool to improve their response times, accuracy, and personalization when addressing customer reviews. This, in turn, can lead to increased customer loyalty, higher satisfaction rates, and, ultimately, improved revenue for businesses.

What are the benefits of using the AI Composer?

  • Fast Content Creation: By leveraging advanced AI technology, users can transform their ideas into engaging content in a fraction of the time, streamlining the content creation process.

  • Efficient Review Response: AI analyzes the tone, language, and context of reviews, providing personalized and appropriate response suggestions to users. This saves valuable time and resources and ensures prompt and effective customer engagement, improving customer satisfaction.

  • Personalized Replies: The AI-powered “Rewrite” feature in the Reply Editor allows users to add variety and personalization to their responses. Using AI, users can create unique and engaging replies that resonate with their customers, fostering stronger connections and interactions.

  • Professional Language: AI technology assists users in maintaining consistent and professional language across their responses. Your communication remains polished and appropriate, enhancing your brand image and reputation.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: By leveraging AI technology for fast content creation, efficient review responses, personalized replies, and maintaining professional language, users can deliver an exceptional customer experience. This results in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately driving business growth and success.

Create post captions with AI Composer

  1. Log in to your PromoRepublic account and click the Create Post button to begin.

  2. Choose the social media platform you want to create the post for, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or others.

  3. Click on the Magic Wand button to activate the AI Composer.

  4. Enter the text you want to use in your post by typing it or pasting it from another source. Specify the topic and provide relevant details for the AI engine to construct the message. You can provide a simple statement or utilize the Six Ws (who, what, when, where, why, and how) to provide context. For example, the Perfume summer sale is coming soon.

  5. Specify your post's desired tone of voice, such as Sad, Happy, Professional, or Excited. This helps the AI understand the intended style and mood of your content.

  6. Determine the desired text length, whether it should be Long (3,000 characters), Medium (1,500 characters), or Short (280 characters). The latter is suggested for Twitter. Additionally, consider including hashtags, emojis, or questions to enhance the engagement and impact of your post.

  7. Click Generate and let the AI Composer analyze your text. It will suggest improvements, such as adjusting wording, adding hashtags or emojis, or generating new content based on your original text.

  8. Carefully review the AI Composer's suggestions and make any adjustments as needed. You have the final say in refining the content to align with your brand voice and messaging.

  9. Enhance your post's visual appeal by selecting a template from PromoRepublic's wide range of options. You can customize it by adding images, gifs, or videos that complement your message.

  10. Once satisfied with your post, you can publish it directly to your chosen social media platform or schedule it for later. This flexibility allows you to maintain a consistent posting schedule and maximize your social media presence.

Rewrite post captions with AI Composer

  1. Open the PromoRepublic Post Editor by logging into your PromoRepublic account and selecting the desired social media platform for your post.

  2. In the Post Editor, locate the area where you can input the caption or text for your post. Type or paste the original text that you want to rewrite. This can be the main message, a caption, or any other text you want to rephrase.

  3. Click on the Magic Wand button located within the Post Editor. Select Rewrite from the options presented. This will instruct the AI to generate alternative versions of your original text.

  4. Observe the Results. Once you've selected Rewrite, the AI will analyze your text and generate rewritten versions to consider. These alternative versions will be displayed in the Post Editor.

  5. Voila! After applying the rewritten text, you will see the updated version in the Post Editor. The new text will reflect the changes suggested by the AI, offering you a fresh and refined version of your original text.

Respond to reviews, direct messages and comments with AI Composer

  1. Open the PromoRepublic platform and navigate to the Reputation Manager or Inbox in the Reputation section.

  2. Locate the specific review you want to respond to and click on the Reply button associated with that review.

  3. In the Reply Editor, click on the Magic Wand icon to activate the AI Composer, which will assist in generating the review response.

  4. Upon clicking it, a modal window labelled AI Composer will open. This modal contains several parameters for customizing the generated response.

  5. Within the AI Composer modal, select the desired tone for the response from the dropdown options, such as Sad, Happy, Professional, or Excited. Additionally, choose the preferred length of the response from the dropdown, including options like Long (3,000 characters), Medium (1,500 characters), or Short (280 characters).

  6. To enhance the response, you can select additional elements to include. In the modal, find the multiple-selection field labelled Include and choose from dropdown options such as Hashtag, Emoji, or Questions.

  7. In the input field labelled Prompt text, type a prompt that describes the text you want the AI to generate. For example, you can provide a prompt like "Perfume summer sale coming soon" to guide the AI's response.

  8. Once you have filled out all the necessary fields, click on the Generate button within the AI Composer modal. The AI will process the information and respond based on the provided parameters.

We will use the information from the conversation, such as the star rating or positive/negative sentiment of the review, social network, review text, user name, and page name, to craft a better response. Incorporate this information into the generated response to make it more personalized and relevant.

Come important notes:


  • Human Moderation: Human moderation is essential, as the responsibility to utilize or modify AI-generated content lies with you, ensuring it aligns with your requirements and standards.

  • English Language Support: Currently, the AI feature supports the English language exclusively.

  • Optimal Prompts: To maximize effectiveness, it is recommended to use prompts that are under 1,500 characters in length.

  • Rewrite Notes: During the text rewriting process, hashtags and emojis can be added or removed from the original text. The AI may suggest adjustments to enhance the engagement and impact of the rewritten content.

  • Free Trial for Agency and Enterprise Customers: PromoRepublic agency and enterprise customers can enjoy a limited-time free trial of the AI feature during the open beta phase.

  • Mobile Exclusion: Please note that the AI feature is not accessible on mobile devices at this time.

  • Tailored Brand Voice: The AI learns to adapt to your brand's tone of voice based on your previous posts' language, enhancing each caption's on-brand and relevant feel. However, 100% behavior consistency cannot be guaranteed.

  • Credit Limitations: Following the beta period, credit limitations will be associated with the AI feature.

We hope it was helpful!

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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