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Utilizing Filters and Segments in Analytics
Utilizing Filters and Segments in Analytics


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  • In our Social Performance Analytics, we introduce aggregated reporting, which helps you understand your brand's social media performance.

  • The revamped interface ensures seamless data segmentation. Analytics 2.0 facilitates a smoother path to swiftly pinpointing and visualizing the necessary data.

  • Consider a scenario where you aim to isolate franchise data for a specific region for social, GBP, and reputation. Gone are the days of hopping between multiple tabs and dropdowns.

  • Also, you can create segments based on regions, area managers, or other categories of your choice.

Advanced Segmentation with And/Or Filters

Having created some segments, you can use and/or filters for nuanced segmentation.

  • Such a capability enhances the versatility of your segments.

  • For instance, if you pinpoint locations within specific cities that opted for DIFM services for a particular franchisee coach, you might set filters for' City is [chosen cities]' and 'Tagged with DIFM/Opt-in and Tagged with John1'.

  • If you bulk-select within the filter, 'or' is used by default.

Modifying or Removing a Segment

  • To peek into a segment's contents, select it from the filter options. You can then edit and review the included criteria.

  • Some filters, like brand or country, remain dynamic and might only display some inclusions after some time.

  • Editing is pretty straightforward:

    • Click on 'Add Filter'.

    • Tap 'Segment'.

    • Select the necessary one.

    • Click 'Edit'.

    • The associated filters for your segment will be displayed in a pop-up, allowing for modifications.

  • Segment deletion is accessible in this spot, too.

Segment Visibility

  • Segments can be public, available for all platform managers to access, or private, reserved solely for your view.

  • Only private segments are available on the PromoRepublic platform. The user who created a segment can access it.

  • Both private and public segments are available on a white-labeled platform. You can see this segment as long as you have access to the location and its pages. For example, if you have access to one of the pages contained in the segment, you will see data for only this page rather than the rest of the pages in this segment.

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