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Create First Segment in Analytics
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  • In our Social Performance Analytics, we introduce aggregated reporting, which helps you understand your brand's social media performance.

  • The revamped interface ensures seamless data segmentation. Analytics 2.0 facilitates a smoother path to pinpointing and visualizing the necessary data swiftly.

  • Consider a scenario where you aim to isolate franchise data for a specific region for social, GBP, and reputation. Gone are the days of hopping between multiple tabs and dropdowns.

  • Also, you can create segments based on regions, area managers, or other categories of your choice. 

Creating a Segment

A segment (aka Custom View) refers to a subset of your locations/pages delineated by specific criteria or filters you establish. We advocate for crafting a segment for each principal group of locations you intend to monitor analytically.

  • Set the Criteria

    • To create a segment, click 'Add Filter' in the top left corner.

    • Choose the necessary filter from the dropdown menu.

    • For instance, if you're keen on isolating USA locations, set the filter to 'Country'. Or tap 'Location' and select the necessary one/ones.

  • Save and Name:

    • To access this segment later, you can save it by clicking on 'Save segment.'

    • Christen it with a descriptive name. For example, if you'd like to see only USA locations, feel free to name it accordingly. If a specific location represents either your client or franchisee, then the location name would be appropriate.

Accessing a Segment

Your freshly-minted segment will then populate within the Segment filter options.

  • To find the necessary segment, click on 'Add Filter'.

  • Tap 'Segment'

  • Select the necessary one

  • If you need to edit or delete it, you can do so by clicking on the Edit button.

Viewing Analytics Per Page

What if you want to see the numbers for a specific page or group of pages? No worries, you can easily do it!

  • To see the numbers for a specific page, click 'Add Filter' in the top left corner.

  • In the dropdown menu, click 'Page'.

  • Select the necessary page in the pop-up window. It will instantly narrow down the information to one specific page.

You can learn more about advanced segmentation and other ways to use this feature here.

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