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πŸ”Έ What's the value? πŸ”Έ

Content Label Performance helps Headquarters to track the success of their marketing campaigns that are created via suggested posts, generate a dashboard for any stakeholder and decide on their marketing and content strategy further.

The Content Label Performance widget displays five of the labels that end-users most often use for publishing content. This part is based on the labels that Headquarters representatives apply for the suggested posts when creating and uploading them in the Content Hub settings.

What metrics are covered in the Content Label Performance widget?

  1. 5 top-performing labels used for the selected period in the report based on the number of times the content with the label was published.

  2. The number of times the content with the particular label was published.

  3. The cumulative engagement across all platforms for all content that was published using a particular content label.

How do you apply labels to the content?

Labels are used to see which posts (product categories, campaigns and type of content) are performing best via the Content Performance Dashboard. This can help multi-location companies optimize their spending and use content from their top-performing products as inspiration for their lower-performing products.

You can do this in two ways: when suggesting a post or in the Content Hub settings.

In the Content Hub settings, there are two options: when uploading or creating a template as guided here or in bulk.

  1. Select templates that you want to label.

  2. Hit the Add Labels button at the top.

  3. Enter the necessary text/name.

  4. Hit Save.

While creating a suggested post, a new window in the content editor will appear where you can use the necessary labels.

How do you manage the content labels?

The content labels can be created in the Content Hub settings in the appropriate section by the white label admin, which is usually a master account owned by Headquarters.

There is no way to apply labels retrospectively to existing content in the asset hub or anywhere else.

It is very easy to create a label. Just click on the Create New button, type in the panel text and click Save. Momentarily, it will be available for use post-creation.

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