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Analytics for Labeled Content
Analytics for Labeled Content
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Content Label Analytics helps Headquarters track the success of their marketing campaigns created via suggested posts, generate a dashboard for any stakeholder, and decide on their marketing and content strategy further.

🔴 Please note that Analytics for Labeled Content are available for users with Digital Asset Manager.

How can this help? 

  • Labelling makes tracking content performance easier and more accurate. For example, you can label promo-related content or limited collaboration and always have a performance widget at hand.

  • Content Label Performance allows you to see which types of content (product categories, campaigns, etc.) are performing best.

  • This data will then help you understand what works for your audience across different channels and locations and, as a result, optimize your spending.

  • This widget highlights the ten most-used labels related to the content published by local teams.

  • It’s based on the labels Headquarters assigns to the suggested posts when creating and uploading them in the Content Hub settings. Refer to this guide to learn more about applying labels to assets.

Accessing the Report

To access the report

  • Click on Social Performance in Analytics on the left.

  • Click the Content tab.

Understanding the Metrics

Metric Name


How it's calculated

Top 10 Content Labels Used for Publishing

Frequently used content labels in Asset Manager.

The ten most frequently used labels designated in your Asset Manager for posts published by users across all locations during the chosen timeframe.

Labeled Content Engagement

Engagement for posts with top 10 labels.

Total engagement received for posts published using the top 10 most popular content tags during the chosen timeframe.

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