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Many marketers and brand owners prefer to use LinkedIn to grow their businesses. Why? Because they know that this platform was made for businesspersons who want to achieve their goals. However, a bigger part of all businesspersons doesn`t know how to use their LinkedIn pages to the full. We saw a lot of such examples and think this problem should be solved. So, we prepared an article to show you the best ways of improving your LinkedIn company page.

In PromoRepublic you can connect LinkedIn personal profiles and LinkedIn company pages. We don't support posting to LinkedIn groups.

  • Unlike Facebook, you can connect several LinkedIn personal profiles to one PromoRepublic account as long as you have login credentials.

  • As for the company pages, you must be a Super Admin role on the necessary page in order to be able to connect it to PromoRepublic. The Content Admin role will suffice to post there through our platform. Although, we suggest having the first one because LinkedIn token expires regularly, and the pages must be reconnected.

Connect LinkedIn page or profile

Upon clicking the LinkedIn box, it will bring up a permission box where you grant SocialPost access to post on your behalf.

Next, feel free to select the necessary page in the drop-down inbox. Use the search bar if you have many. To connect the second page or profile, repeat the actions.

Create a LinkedIn post

Remember to use the right image size. LinkedIn post image size should be 1200 x 1200 (square), 1080 x 1350 (portrait) or 1200 x 627.

For video posting, the aspect ratio should be 256 x 144 minimum to 4096 x 2304 maximum. Don't forget that you can customize the post for other social pages selected.

As for animated images (gifs), we don't support this type.

When the content is ready, decide if you want to publish it right away, schedule it or add to queue. Head over to this article to learn more about this.

In case you forgot to pick a page when scheduling a post you can easily duplicate it.

Add links to LinkedIn posts

Do you want to lead traffic from your social media directly to your business website? It's easy! Just add a link to the post. Here's a short overview of how to add a hyperlink to a LinkedIn post in PromoRepublic.

Once you insert a link in the text box, the website description and thumbnail will auto-populate.

Once published, the post's image will be hyperlinked, tapping it will direct you to the website which URL you've used.

If you would like to change the thumbnail picture, it's easy! But note that clicking on your own visual will not take you to the link's destination. If it's ok for you, delete the preview, tweak the text, and upload your image or create one in the Editor.

Once published, the URL text will be automatically shortened and changed.

Clicking on the visual will expand it to a larger view, so in order to get to the link's destination, you should hit the link itself.

Hope this guide was helpful!

For further assistance feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

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