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Token Expiration

What is early page reconnection and why is it needed?

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⭕ To deliver timely publishing of scheduled posts, receiving messages and reviews, and correct analytics, the social network pages must constantly link with the PromoRepublic platform. This linkage requires valid permission to post on your behalf, known as a 'token.' Tokens are not permanent and must be refreshed regularly.

Tracking Token Expiration

To prevent post failures, you can effortlessly track upcoming token expirations. Information about pages that need to be reconnected can be found in the platform's interface, pop-up messages, and emails. Notifications are sent in the following cases:

  • Before the token expires, and if it is not reconnected, you will receive an alert within 10 and 3 days of the expiration date.

  • If your token has already expired.

Emails and pop-ups will be sent to all location participants.


When you log in to PromoRepublic, the system checks all connected social pages and their tokens. If any tokens are about to expire, a pop-up window will appear requesting you to reconnect the page.

  1. Reconnect Button:

    • Click the red Reconnect button in the pop-up.

    • A new confirmation window from the social network will appear.

    • Confirm that you agree to prolong access to SocialPost (purple thumb-up icon).

If this does not work, scroll to the bottom of this article for troubleshooting steps.


Below is an example of an email prompting you to reconnect the page. If you missed the pop-up or email, you can reset the token by going to the Issues Page or following the instructions at the bottom of this article.

Issues Page

A dedicated page showcases all pages that require reconnection. This list displays pages where tokens are close to or have already expired. Find it in the General Menu → Issues. The number indicates how many pages need reconnection. The Issues page is accessible to everyone in the location. If you do not have permission to reconnect the page, contact the page administrator for assistance.


In the Calendar, a red mark icon identifies pages that need to be reconnected. This icon is not clickable. Scroll down to see several options for refreshing the token, such as in the location list, location settings, or posting form.

Post Form

If you select a page with an expired token, you will see a red Reconnect button at the top of the post. Click it to reconnect. If it doesn't work, see the troubleshooting steps below.

Location List

To quickly identify which locations have issues, click on the top right corner and select Locations in the drop-down menu.

Manual reset

If you can't reauthorize SocialPost by clicking the red reconnect button, follow these instructions:

  • LinkedIn: Disconnect your page and reconnect it. You must be assigned a Super Admin role on the LinkedIn company page. The Content Admin role does not allow the page to be connected.

  • Facebook: Follow this detailed step-by-step guide. You must have full control access to the page and the Meta business account (Business Portfolio).

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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