To deliver timely publishing of scheduled posts and correct analytics, the social network pages should have constant active linkage with the PromoRepublic platform. In other words, we must have your permission to post on your behalf. This is called a token. The token's lifespan is not lifetime and must be refreshed regularly.

To prevent failures due to token disconnections from the social network side, we are introducing the Early Page Reconnection tool.

Once you log in to the PromoRepublic platform, the system checks all the connected social pages and their tokens. When the system detects that some tokens will expire in the near future, it displays a pop-up window with a request to reconnect the page.

After you click on the Reconnect button, the new confirmation window from the social network will be shown. You will see the pages that you have admin rights to and you will have to confirm that you agree to prolong the access rights to PromoRepublic. Please note that our name is SocialPost, written as one word without space, the icon is a purple thumb-up.

The confirmation notification will be displayed in the right-hand corner of the page.

Currently tokens and token expiration logic are only applicable for several social network types:

  • Facebook Groups

  • LinkedIn Personal Profiles

  • LinkedIn Company Profiles

Email Notifications

In addition to the pop-ups in the platform's interface, we also send several email notifications to refresh the token in advance in order to avoid failed posts:

  • 10 days in advance

  • 3 days in advance

  • Once the token expired

If you missed either a pop-up or an email, you can reauthorize the token in a different way. Check the instructions below.


  1. Disconnect your LinkedIn page.

  2. Connect it back. While doing so, it'll trigger a permission box, just grant it and connect the page.


1. In your PromoRepublic account click on the top right corner, select Settings, and scroll down to the bottom.

There you'll see the red Disconnect Facebook button. Hit on it. If it's not clickable create/change the password as shown on the screenshot below. After this, the button will be clickable.

2. Re-log into your PromoRepublic account. Sign out and log in back.

3. Make a test post instead of reposting a failed one. It'll bring up a pop-up window asking you to authorize SocialPost. Click Continue as [your Facebook profile name].

Find the necessary page or feel free to select all of them. By selecting the pages, you give us permission to post there. But the actual posting can happen only if you connect the page in the calendar as shown in step 4. So it's up to you on how many pages to pick, but we suggest that you select all of them because sometimes it may affect the whole set of the token.

On the next step leave the toggles activated and click Done.

Finish with the OK button.

There might be another permission box. Tap Continue and then OK.

If you click on Choose What You Allow, you'll see the pages and groups ticked by default. We suggest that you leave it as it is. Giving permission to access your pages and groups doesn't mean that we will post there without your permission or that we want to access your data. The purpose is solely to set the connection. But if you insist on deselecting some pages, make sure that the Groups section is ticked, because it is mandatory. Otherwise, you won't be able to add pages.

If the issue persists, feel free to message us and we'll be happy to help you!

If you have any further questions, please email us at [email protected].

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