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Disconnect Your Facebook Profile

Reset Facebook token in order to restore the posting or connect a page

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Connecting your Facebook personal profile as a separate entity to post to is not possible for third-party services like PromoRepublic due to Facebook API restrictions. Instead, you can connect a business page that you manage. However, an internal connection with the personal profile is needed. Keep reading to learn more.

When connecting a Facebook or Instagram business page, the connection between your Facebook and PromoRepublic accounts is established via a token. You may need to reset this token if your posts fail to publish or you can't connect the necessary page. Here is a typical flow for resetting the Facebook token to restore posting or connect a Facebook or Instagram business page.

Step-by-Step Guide to Reset the Facebook Token

  1. In your PromoRepublic account, click on the top right-hand corner.

  2. Select Settings and scroll down to the bottom.

  3. You will see the red Disconnect Facebook button. Click on it.

  • If it's not clickable, create the password as shown in the screenshot below. After this, the button will be clickable.

4. Sign out and log back in.

5. Authorize SocialPost.

  • Depending on your issue, make a new post instead of reposting a failed one or retry connecting the page. Both actions will prompt a pop-up asking you to authorize SocialPost.

  • Click Continue as [your Facebook profile name].

6. Select Pages.

  • Find and select the necessary page(s) and click Next. We suggest selecting all pages to ensure full authorization. Permitting access to your pages does not mean we will post there without your permission or access to your data. The purpose is solely to set the connection.

  • On the next step, leave the toggles activated and click Done.

7. Finish Authorization by clicking OK. If another permission box appears, tap Continue and then OK.

If you click on 'Choose what you allow', you'll see all permissions activated. We suggest leaving it as it is. Don't worry, we will not have access to your Facebook data and post without your consent. This is only to ensure full authorization. 

Following these steps, you can successfully reset your Facebook token and restore the connection between your Facebook or Instagram business page and PromoRepublic.

​​If you have any further questions, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

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