If you need to disconnect Facebook profile that is currently associated with your PromoRepublic account, make sure that you log into the system with email and password, but not with Facebook. 

If you used to log in with Facebook, the disconnect button will be disabled. In this case you need to create a password clicking on the pencil icon as shown in this tutorial.

In order to disconnect the Facebook profile hit on the avatar picture or camera icon in the top right corner, select Settings. In the bottom you'll see what profile is attached and you'll be able to disconnect it.

Facebook pages and groups in Unassigned Pages folder

Once you disconnect the profile, pages and groups will be automatically disconnected. As a result, scheduled posts won’t be published.

Facebook pages and groups in workspaces

Pages and groups will stay as they are. 

Posts scheduled to pages will be published under two conditions:

  • There are other team members in the workspace besides you;
  • These team members have already posted to the pages and as a result there is an existing connection between their PromoRepublic accounts and those pages.

But the rule above doesn’t apply to the posts scheduled to groups - they won’t be published at all.

If you have any further questions, please email us at [email protected].

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