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Connect a Facebook Business Page
Connect a Facebook Business Page
How do I connect my business pages on Facebook?
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When connecting a Facebook business page or a group, there sets the connection between your Facebook and PromoRepublic accounts. This is what we call a token. It means that a particular Facebook profile gets associated with your PromoRepublic account.

To check what Facebook profile is associated with your PromoRepublic account, click on the top right corner, tap Settings in the drop-down list, and you will see the name at the bottom.

It is not possible to associate a specific PromoRepublic account with several Facebook profiles as well as it is not possible to associate a specific Facebook profile with several Promorepublic accounts.

When it comes to connecting Facebook business pages, check that your Facebook personal profile is assigned an Admin role on these pages. It is essential that you're authorized in this profile at on the computer.

Here is a typical flow on how to connect a Facebook business page to PromoRepublic.

1. Whether you're in the location settings or in the Calendar, click on the connect button.

And select Facebook Page.

2. It will trigger a pop-up window asking you to allow SocialPost to access your Facebook account information. Basically, this is the moment of setting up a token that may expire occasionally. Click Continue as [your Facebook profile name].

3. Find the necessary page, or feel free to select all of them. By selecting the pages, you permit us to post there. It's up to you how many pages to pick, but we suggest that you select all of them because sometimes it may affect the whole set of the token.

On the next step, leave the toggles activated and click Done.

Finish with the OK button.

4. Pick the page in the drop-down list or use the search and click Connect.

In case you don't see the necessary page on the list, make sure of the said above and re-authorize the SocialPost as instructed in this article.

If you manage Facebook Pages with a large US audience “will be asked to complete an authorization process in order to continue to post, making it harder for people to administer a Page using a fake or compromised account” as mentioned in Facebook news. "This seems to be one of Facebook’s policies towards pages with a high reach to protect Facebook users - it was introduced back in 2018 Making Ads and Pages More Transparent - About Facebook. According to this article, users must enable 2-factor authentication and confirm their location.

If you have any further questions, please reach us at [email protected].

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