The idea of the Workspace feature is to store your social media pages in folders (by businesses, clients, etc.). Per your permission, other people can have access to it. You can invite your clients and teammates to a workspace, add pages and collaborate on the content together.

How to create a workspace?

For the Enterprise solution, workspaces can be set up in bulk or automatically via SSO, so the following guide might not be applicable.

Follow this guide to create a workspace and tweak it the way you need.

  1. Click on the top right corner in your PromoRepublic account and move the cursor downwards. On the right, an additional window will emerge with the blue Create Workspace button. Go ahead and hit it!

2. Create a new workspace, adding its name and industry.

3. Then you will be redirected to the workspace settings, where you can:

  • Adjust its logo;

  • Set up location;

  • Add collaborators;

  • Connect your social pages.

You can change the workspace name, industry, and logo as often as necessary. We recommend uploading the company logo to identify your client easily. 

In order for your Workspace to have a physical location or to manage a Facebook location page,  click on the button to activate location settings.

Fill in your geographical address in the fields below. ‘City’ and ‘Country’ are required fields.

How to invite teammates?

In order to add a collaborator, in the workspace settings click on the plus icon in the Connected Pages and Teammates section.

Insert your collaborator's email in the appropriate box and hit Add. Also decide on the role you will assign: Member, Admin, or Client.

The total number of workspace participants regardless of their role is 5. It means that you, as the workspace owner, can add 4 participants. 

We encourage you to learn more about the difference between member and admin access privileges. For the Enterprise solution, workspace role names and permission can be changed, for example, Franchise or Store Manager.

If for any reason you need to change the workspace owner, we can do it on our end. Just send us an email at [email protected] and we will help you.

If you have any additional questions, please contact your Success Manager or Support team at [email protected].

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