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Invite Teammates to Your Location and Manage Their Permissions
Invite Teammates to Your Location and Manage Their Permissions

Permission management in a location

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In this guide we'll cover how to invite a teammate to a location, what role to assign, what kind of invitation is sent.

Invite a teammate or a client

Once the location is created, you might want to invite people there, whether it is your assistant or a teammate or a franchisee (for enterprise clients).

The total number of the location participants, regardless of their role, is 5. It means that you, as the location owner, can add 4 participants. For a white labeled solution it can be customized.

To invite a team member, open the settings of the location first. Click on the top right-hand corner, and tap the small gear next to the location name or, if you have many locations, use the search in the locations list.

Then, click on the blue plus icon on the right in the Connected Pages and Teammates section.

Insert your collaborator's email in the appropriate box and hit Add. Also, decide on the role you will assign: Member, Admin, or Client. For enterprise clients, location role names and permissions can be changed, for example, Franchise/franchisee or Store Manager, etc.

After you clicked Add, the person will receive an invitation to join the team.

There are 2 important factors to note when inviting clients to a location:

  • If your client is already a PromoRepublic user, type in their email in the appropriate field, click Add, and it will immediately appear in the list of teammates.

  • If your client or teammate is NOT yet registered in PromoRepublic (or your white labeled platform), type in their email in the appropriate field, and click Add. The person will receive a sign-up email. Their status in the location will be pending until they sign up. Here is an invitation example:

In the second case, the person should first activate the email address used by the location owner when sending the invite.

In case your teammate or a franchisee doesn't receive the email, first of all they must make sure that the address is activated. Secondly, we suggest checking all the folders in the mailbox, including spam. Additionally, you can check if there no typos or if the address is correct/valid and resend the invitation.

If the email address is correct, here's what you can do. Open the platform, insert the address and click on Forgot password. Next, log in with the newly created password.

Manage teammates' permissions

Manage your clients' and teammates' permissions in a location with the appropriate user roles. Depending on the business solution, role names and permission levels within a location can be customized for different solutions. For example, in a franchise solution, this can be changed.

Below are listed user roles in a default product version, that is, in PromoRepublic. There are 4 user roles: owner, admin, member, and client.


Participants with the Client role in the location see a limited platform's interface. They can:

  • See Calendar, Analytics, Statistics, Inbox

  • Add or disconnect pages

  • See other participants in the location, but they can't invite or disconnect other teammates

  • Schedule posts

  • Approve proposed content to be published

  • Boost posts

  • Make basic edits in the location

  • Create notes.

In particular, they can't view and use:

  • Post Ideas Library

  • Upcoming Events in the Calendar

  • Time Slots settings

  • Graphics Editor

  • Create other locations.

  • Pricing

  • PromoRepublic Support Chat

When they have a suggested post for approval, upon clicking the Edit button, it'll open the post editor, where they can:

  • Change the time and date

  • Delete the image

  • Upload another one from the computer

  • Edit or delete the caption

  • Boost the post

  • Or remove it


Location participants with the Member role see the full interface of the platform. They can:

  • Create posts and propose them for approval;

  • Create notes;   

  • Create other locations.

Members cannot:

  • Invite or disconnect other participants from the location;

  • Connect or disconnect the pages from the location;

  • Manage page settings.

To schedule, publish or edit a post, it's not enough to be added to the location. You need to have access to the page on the social platform itself. For example, when it comes to adding a Facebook or Instagram business page, you must have admin or editor rights there. Attempting to do so, a message will notify you that you don't have sufficient rights to post there.


Location participants with the Admin role see the full interface of the platform. They can:

  • Change the access level of other participants;

  • Invite or disconnect other participants;

  • Connect or disconnect social pages;

  • Manage page settings;

  • Manage Time Slots settings; 

  • Create posts, publish them and propose content for approval;

  • Create locations.

Admins cannot delete locations.


In addition to the admin's permissions, the location's owner can delete the location.

IMPORTANT: Location clients, members, and admins can post to Facebook pages, groups and Instagram business pages via PromoRepublic ONLY if they have admin or editor rights on the Facebook page itself.

If, for any reason, you need to change the location owner, we can do it on our end. Just send us an email at [email protected], and we will help you.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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