How to Repost a Post

Can I edit a published post and send it to another page?

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Was there a particular post that got high engagement among your followers? If so, we would assume that you would want to repost it.


The best route to take is to go to the Statistics section. With the necessary time frames chosen, you can view the list of posts created. To the right of each post, you will find a Repost button. 

Find the most popular post and press Repost to share it again. Go ahead and add some other pages, edit the visual if needed and change the text if you want.

As you might know, we also offer advanced reporting. A report is divided into two parts: audience and content. The latter includes the top content section, but it is impossible to repost from there. Instead, you can find the necessary post in the calendar by the date.


You can re-publish a post in the Calendar. Tap on the post that you want to publish. It'll open up, and you'll see More, then Repost.

My Ideas in the Graphics Editor

You might have already noticed the My Ideas tab in the left side menu in the Graphics Editor. Visuals included here are grouped into Saved and Recent folders.

When editing a template you can save it to use later, so these visuals get into the Saved folder.

The recent tab contains ALL the posts (images) you have scheduled and published through PromoRepublic ever.

Feel free to pick a picture from there, it will then be uploaded to the artboard on the right. You may edit it if needed and hit Use. You will then be directed to the post editor, where you choose a preferable publishing option.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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