Feature Overview

Local Visibility Dashboard is a dashboard for franchises and multi-location businesses that displays local ranking across all locations in the map and leaderboard views.

It will help you understand the ranking not just location by location but see overall health, see which areas your business dominates in local search results and where there’s room for improvement, or compare your search performance across locations.

In the dashboard, you can monitor multiple locations of your brand across different areas (average ranking). Also, see the geographical location of an average local ranking data variable. Color progression is used to represent value in each region of the map. The map illustrates which states or countries within selected locations have the highest or the lowest ALR (average local ranking).

What can I find in the Local Visibility Dashboard?

Before you dive into the numbers don't forget to set the time period for which you require the data.

Ranking by Location

It shows an aggregated location performance by the region where an average rating of the region is based on location search engine position in the area for the selected period.


Here you see the number of locations, keywords, and positions in each search engine, and the average rating of these locations for the set period. The Leaderboard displays the local ranking for all your locations. The table has the following data and insights:

  • Total Ranked Locations Card - the total number of locations where Local Ranking is turned on.

  • Total Ranked Keywords Card - the total number of keywords set up in the Local Ranking settings.

  • Average Rating Card - the average Google Business Profile ratio for all locations displayed on the Leaderboard.

  • Total Reviews Card - the total number of all reviews for all locations is displayed on the Leaderboard.

  • Average Local Rank - the average rank for each of your locations. Calculated by: sum of search engines/number of search engines.

  • Location - the name and address of your location.

  • Average Rating - the average rating for your location from the Google Business Profile account. We will take information from the first connected account if your location has several Google Business Profile accounts.

  • Reviews Count - the total number of reviews for your location from the Google Business Profile account. We will take information from the first connected account if your location has several Google Business Profile accounts.

  • Search Engines (Google Organic, Google Maps, Google Mobile Organic, Google Mobile Maps) - the average rank for each of your search engines calculated by: the sum of ranks by the search engine for all set-up keywords/number of keywords. Also, it is calculated for the selected period.

  • View button - redirects you to your Local Ranking report for the selected location.

Custom View

It is a personally created view of Local Visibility. It includes locations that were segmented by the filter. You can choose a custom number of locations to track your Local Visibility.

How can I set up the Local Visibility Dashboard?

First of all, you need to set up at least one Local Ranking report. Navigate to the detailed guide below on how to do that.

Local Visibility is the list of all your ranking reports with location segmentation and the ability to select a custom period.

Once your first report is collected, we can show this information in the dashboard. All your following local ranking reports will be automatically added to the Local Visibility Dashboard.

How can I manage the Local Visibility Dashboard report?

Once you set up information about your location and get the first results, you will be able to change settings to other keywords or search engines.

Just go to the location settings → Local Ranking, click the Edit button, and all the fields will be editable again.

When you change the setting and click on Save we will give you the possibility to recalculate your report or change it in the future.

If you want to stop tracking keywords for the location, change the switcher to OFF, and we won't collect the data for the location from now on. You can switch it ON at any time when you want.

Some useful tips:

  • You don’t need to connect any social pages to start using Local Visibility.

  • The dashboard displays all setup Local Ranking in one place.

  • Creating the report for the first time takes around 40 minutes. It is required to find all the necessary information on Google.

  • We collect the results every 2 weeks, so, for example, if you create your first local ranking report on 21 Nov, the next day when you will get a new result is 5 Dec. It will be an exceptional case if you change your settings and select the Recalculate option.

We hope it was helpful!

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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