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🔸 Why is local search important? 🔸

Before we dive in deeper, it would help if we pointed out a few reasons why local search is so important and why it is a game-changer for local businesses:

  • 46% of all searches have to do with location

  • 86% of consumers use Google Maps to find local businesses

  • 72% of consumers searching for local businesses visit stores within five miles

Local SEO is all about making your brand visible to people who are looking for services or products in their local community. It’s all about ensuring that your business is accessible and visible to local consumers. Local ranking entails optimizing your business so that local customers can find you.

To become more visible in local search results, businesses must focus on what affects local SEO. This includes:

  • Relevant keywords;

  • High-quality site content;

  • Optimizing your site for mobile;

  • Optimizing for local rankings with voice search;

  • Ensuring your site conforms to Google’s local guidelines;

  • Providing quality products and services.

Here are the top 5 local SEO ranking factors to look after.

​Google Business Profile Signals

Google Business Profile is a relatively new addition to the ever-expanding collection of location-based tools built into Google’s search. The Google Business Profile API makes it easier for local firms to manage business location information, optimize and promote their online presence across the local region.

Google My Business

As such, businesses that want to rank in local results start by sharing their physical location with nearby customers. Other information can also be shared; hours of operation, location, menus for restaurants, and so much more.

The Google Business Profile feature is available to all businesses that have registered with Google and can be configured to display information about your business across both Google Search and Google Maps. When done right, a Google Business Profile listing can help drive more traffic and lead to your business.

With PromoRepublic's reporting, you can capture valuable search & traffic insights in Google Business Profile. First, connect it as guided here.

Domain Authority

Domain authority describes the relevance of a website in a specific subject area. It is a score developed by Moz that indicates how high a particular domain ranks in Google SEO local results. In other words, the higher your domain’s authority, the higher the rank of local SEO.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

The arrival of more and more sophisticated algorithms designed to detect unnatural, spammy, and unscrupulous business practices has made it now more important than ever to make sure your business is as transparent and professional as possible.

The best way to achieve this is by keeping your customers happy, offering high-quality products and services, and, most importantly, maintaining high customer service standards.

To become more efficient in managing incoming communication from different channels, PromoRepublic has launched Google Business Profile to Inbox. This functionality enables you to answer Google Business Profile Questions and Reviews.

Quality Service Page Content

The quality of service page content (and all the other content on your site) is yet another local SEO ranking factor that has come into focus over the past few years. By now, it’s no secret that Google is far more likely to trust and rely on information that comes from authoritative sources.

Ensure that your business’s online presence is optimized with your most important keywords. Be sure to provide the products and services listed on your service page. Make sure your content is relevant and original and that it reflects an authentic view of your business.

Mobile SEO

Mobile search is the future, and local SEO rankings should not be treated differently. Mobile devices accounted for 63% of organic search engine visits. It’s easy to see why you should focus more on being able to reach potential customers on mobile devices and effectively monetize that traffic.

🔸 Why is Local Ranking important? 🔸

Local ranking is the best way to understand which keywords are performing well in your area when searching for local businesses, products, and services near you. It helps local businesses and franchisees align their SEO efforts properly, giving local consumers more prominence at the intended moment.

Targeting the correct search terms is the cornerstone of an effective local SEO strategy. It is the only way to focus on the words your target customers use to find your product or service in local searches.

With Local Ranking, you can:

  • Understand whether keywords used on local pages perform well and adjust them to beat the competition.

  • Understand search behaviour better.

  • Deepen your understanding of your target audience.

  • Discover more ways to attract local consumers.

Benefits of Local Ranking

  • Increased online visibility: Local Ranking makes it easier for new customers to find your business.

  • Increased in-store foot traffic: Better local visibility will increase foot traffic to your store. Obviously, you would need to work on the optimizations needed for your area and industry: local ads, local posts, review generation and management, and listings optimization.

  • Capitalize on local shopping: Post-COVID, more than half of consumers prefer to shop locally and support local businesses and small brands. Local SEO puts you in the race for these new business opportunities.

  • Calls: Google Business Profile optimizations may improve visibility on Google Maps. It can result in more calls and in-person visits.

  • Indirectly improved Conversion Rates: Website optimization can increase conversion rates by increasing contact form submissions, phone calls, email subscriptions, or sales.

  • Become more Competitive: Local Ranking also makes you competitive because it encourages you to study what your competitors are doing well and the tactics that work against them and incorporate them into your approach.

Who would benefit from the Local Ranking?

  • Location managers and Franchisees

Local Ranking helps understand the local rating in Google and gather data to make informed business improvements with the help of the Corporate or Local Agency.

  • Digital Marketing Managers

Local Ranking helps understand the brand rating in Google and gather data to make informed business improvements.

PromoRepublic provides you with Local Ranking reports. You can read about it in our detailed article, where you can learn how to create one, what metrics you can find there and how to manage it.

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