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How do I activate one and make it work?

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What is a Team Member account?

A team member account is a separate standalone PromoRepublic account with a unique ID number and email address, with the same subscription plan assigned. It is the same paid plan on the primary (original) account.ย 

Depending on your subscription plan and type of solution (franchise or enterprise), it can be either activated manually on our end per your request that you can submit via this form, or it will be activated automatically by inviting your team member to a location.

How do I know if this feature is included in my package?

You can see the plan components in your account settings. Click on the top right-hand corner, select Settings, and scroll down to the bottom, where you'll see the Subscription & Billing section.

In the sub-section Members, you can see the current number of team members out of the allowed limit. The second part means how many team members (free Promorepublic accounts) your plan allows.

How do I activate it?

If the Team Member feature is included in your subscription plan, request that it be activated.

  1. Let your teammate sign up for a free trial here.

  2. Ask your teammate to provide you with the email they used.

  3. Submit your request by filling out the form below.

Once the form is filled out, a Customer Support Representative will confirm that the Team Member account has been connected by emailing you. If your request isn't processed, we'll contact you to explain the reason.

What should my teammate do next?

Next, you will probably want to invite them to a specific location to manage the pages that are already added there. Or they can add pages to their own default location.

Clicking on your profile picture (or camera icon if there is no photo) in the top right-hand corner, you will see a drop-down menu where you will find Locations.

Location is a space to store pages. It can be compared to a folder that you create on the computer. Per your permission, other people can access the location.

To invite a team member to the location, navigate to the location settings and use their account email as guided in this tutorial. Once invited, the teammate will have access to the pages that are connected to the location. Pages can be added either by you or by your teammate, depending on their role.

It is not only pages that can be shared in a location but also your favourite images and ready-to-go templates. These are found in the My Ideas section in your PromoRepublic accounts. Note that these two features are not included in all our packages.

Remember, when it comes to connecting Facebook or Instagram business pages, they must have the admin role there.

IMPORTANT: Monthly or annual subscriptions are paid on a monthly or annual basis. Once a transaction is settled, access to the primary account is renewed automatically. The teammate's account is not automatically renewed. So, please contact our Customer Support representatives to request re-activation, specifying both email addresses: the primary and team member accounts.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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