What is a Team Member account?

A team member account is a separate standalone account with a unique ID number with the same subscription plan assigned. It is the same plan that is paid for on the primary (original) account. 

How do I know if this feature is included in my package?

As of now we don't have the technical capability to list your current plan components in your dashboard settings. You can check this information in the plan description in Pricing or reach out to our Customer Support Service at [email protected].

How do I activate it?

If the Team Member feature is included in your subscription plan, request that it be activated.

  1. Let your teammate register a separate account by signing up for a free trial on our home page as explained in this article.

  2. Ask your teammate to provide you with the email he/she used.

  3. Submit your request by filling out the form below:

Once the form is filled out, a Customer Support Representative will confirm that the Team Member account has been connected by sending you a notification. If your request isn't processed, we'll contact you to explain the reason.

What should my teammate do next?

There are several ways your assistants can utilize their account. Please, head over to this explanatory article.  

IMPORTANT: Monthly or annual subscriptions are paid on a monthly or annual basis. Once a transaction is settled, access to the primary account is renewed automatically, though the teammate's account is not automatically renewed. So, please reach out to our Customer Support representatives to request re-activation, specifying both email addresses: the primary and team member accounts.

If you are subscribed to an Agency Collaboration plan, read the tutorial over here.

If for any reason you don't want to create a separate account for your VA or this feature is not included in your package, make sure to read this article.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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