Sometimes you may see your Instagram post in the Calendar as published, but it isn't there in your feed. Why?

According to their API, automatic posting is supported for Professional (business) Instagram accounts, but not Creator and Personal. It means that you'll have to use the mobile app by means of which you'll post manually. If you're interested in automatic posting, we suggest reading this guide.

First, you schedule the post on your computer, then you get a reminder on your phone to actually publish the post manually.

Let's go back to the publishing process of a post to an Instagram personal page through the PromoRepublic app.

1. You click on the Post button to start the process.

2. On the second step, it says that the caption you created on the desktop will be automatically copied, so you don't have to re-write it.

3. Select Feed or Stories.

At exactly this moment the post is considered as published by the PromoRepublic and it is marked accordingly. 

The PromoRepublic app can't track the publishing process any further. The rest of the steps are taken in the Instagram app. Technically, the PromoRepublic app has accomplished its purpose. If you were unable to complete the flow, it means you didn't actually publish the post.

In order to publish the post, find it in the Published section in the app, and complete the flow.

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