By now you know how it works: you schedule a post on your computer, get a reminder on your phone, and publish the post manually. But sometimes you may see the post in the Calendar as published, but it isn't there in your feed. Why?

No worries, we have an explanation for that! Let's go back to the publishing process of an Instagram through PromoRepublic app on your phone (Android version).

When you received a notification, you clicked the Post button:

Next, you saw this step.

On the third step you were asked to choose the app to share the content to.

At exactly this moment the post is considered as published by the system and it is marked accordingly. 

Unfortunately, PromoRepublic app can't track the publishing process any further. The rest of the steps are taken in the Instagram app. Technically, PromoRepublic app has accomplished it's purpose. If you were unable to complete the flow and you got stuck at this stage, it means you didn't actually publish the post.

In order to re-publish the post, find it in Published or On Hold sections in the app and repeat the flow.

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

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