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What is Facebook token and why I need it?

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Facebook is proven to be the most popular social platform in being very efficient in driving engagement. So, if your social media pages include Facebook, then follow these guidelines to know how to set the connection between your PromoRepublic and Facebook accounts.

As part of the updates by Facebook against spam and any misuse of their platform, you can't connect your Personal Profile as a separate page to a third-party service like PromoRepublic. As far as the Facebook Terms of Service go, you are to use your Personal Profile for the sole purpose of representing yourself.

Starting July 1st, 2021, it is no longer possible to convert a personal profile to a business page. That is why we suggest that you create one from scratch, as instructed in the Facebook help centre. Once the page is created, you can feel free to connect it to PromoRepublic, as shown in detail here.


When connecting a Facebook business page or a group, there sets the connection between your Facebook personal profile and PromoRepublic account. This is what we call a token.

It means that a specific Facebook account gets associated with your PromoRepublic account. It is not possible to associate a particular PromoRepublic account with several Facebook accounts. When doing so, you might be prompted with a pop-up message that there is one attached already. In that case, head over to this guide on how to reset a Facebook token.

In case you get a message that 'account doesn't belong to this Facebook user', read this explanation.

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