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Feature Overview

Google Business Profile performance dashboard and reporting allow you to gather important information about how people search for and access your business on Google. For example, if you’re trying to drive traffic to your online store, you’ll want to see most of your results in Search. But if you’re looking to increase foot traffic, you’ll probably want to optimize for Maps.

This data can provide insights into customer behaviour and help you improve your online visibility, regardless of whether you are a small business, a large multi-location brand, or a specific type of business such as a coffee shop or dry cleaner.

Google Business Profile Reporting helps you gain information about how consumers opt to find you on Google search and maps, the number of views your business listing has received, the number of calls or messages received, requesting directions, etc.

How to start seeing Google Business Profile Analytics?

First of all, you need to connect the profile to PromoRepublic as instructed here. To see the reporting, go to Analytics > Reporting.

Enterprise customers can access aggregate insights for Google Business Profiles in Dashboard > Local Search. Like on other Dashboards in the PromoRepublic platform, you can use the Custom views and select date range to find needed information. If this section is not available for you, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

What can I find in the Google Business Profile performance dashboard?


One of the most essential pieces of information to track is how customers search for your business. The feature provides data on four direct and discovery searches, which are called impressions.

  • Total view - Total number of views on four search engines: Google Mobile Organic, Google Organic, Google Mobile Maps, Google Maps

  • Views on Search - The number of times your potential customers viewed the resource on Google Mobile Organic and Google Organic. Updates may take 5 days to show up.

  • Views on Maps - The number of times your potential customers viewed the resource on Google Mobile Maps and Google Maps.

  • Widget with search engines - The dynamic changes for each search engine over the time

  • Breakdown table with a search engine - The exact number of searches for each search engine in comparison to the previous period


Interactions give you insight into the actions customers take after finding your business on Google. These metrics offer data on the customer's actual interactions with your business, and the data is presented in different charts based on the type of action taken. The customer action metrics include:

  • Website clicks - Number of clicks on the website link on your Profile;

  • Directions - Number of unique customers who request directions to your business. This metric is particularly significant for a local business, as the direction requests are classified based on zip code, city, or state;

  • Calls - Number of clicks on the call button on your Business Profile.

  • Messages - Number of times customers send messages on your Business Profile and connect with you. Data is refreshed with a 3-day delay (this is from the Google side).

  • Bookings - Number of clicks on request a booking.

  • Food orders - Number of clicks for making food orders.

  • Breakdown table with all actions - The exact number of clicks for each action in comparison to the previous period

What metrics will I find in the Reporting for Google?

The metrics displayed include both Review and Google Business Profile data. The dashboards only show information from Google Business Profile, while review data can be found in the Reputation Insights section. These metrics include review quantity, velocity, response, and other related data.

  • Review quantity - the overall quantity of reviews and average ratings for the selected time range

  • Review velocity (Last review date) - the speed with which native Google reviews have been obtained, more than 90 days is an issue

  • Review response (Last response date) - the speed how promptly you reply to the reviews, remember the more reviews you respond to, the better.

  • Last review - 90 days

  • Last response - 14 days

Searches breakdown

The keywords that customers use to find a business in search or maps. Each keyword is accompanied by the number of impressions it generates, which are collected and calculated monthly.

  • Total - the number of keywords over the selected period and dynamic changes compared to the previous period. Updates may take 5 days to show up (this is on the Google side).

  • Each keyword - the total number of searches. We always display the first eight keywords.

Important notes:

  • Views and Interactions are also displayed in the reporting, but only for one selected Google Business profile.

  • PromoRepublic shows Searches breakdown data collected and calculated every month. If multiple months are selected, the data will be combined for analysis.

  • Queries & Photo Views will be deleted with this update. Google Business Profile no more sends the data through API.

  • The breakdowns for each widget are getting info in a new format starting in September 2022. You will get only the Views on search and Views on maps before this time. The same situation is for the other widgets.

  • Searches breakdowns (if you have any data from Google) also start to show from September 2022.

  • Searches are updated monthly. Other metrics are collected daily, but a refresh of the data may take 5 days to show up.

  • By default, PromoRepublic shows data for the last 7 days, but you can set a date range and get insights on how people interact with your business on Google for a 6-month date range.

  • You can export the report in PDF.

We hope it was helpful!

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