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Using Saved Replies in Review Management
Using Saved Replies in Review Management

Process incoming communication with your customers faster

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With PromoRepublic's Inbox for Facebook, Instagram and Google Business Profile, you can become more efficient in managing incoming communication from different channels. This functionality enables you to process DMs, comments, questions and reviews in one place.

Customers increase spending on brands they follow on social media if they receive personalized and timely social responses. Writing replies manually might take a lot of time, especially when they are typical. To save you time and to make it more convenient for you, it is now possible to save replies and use them every time you need to answer an incoming question.

NOTE: The access to the creation and management of replies can be limited by the user role. Such location roles as owner and admin can create, edit and delete saved replies. Such roles as member and client can see and use them but not the rest of the mentioned options.

How to create a saved reply?

  1. Open one of your conversations and tap reply.

  2. Click on πŸ’¬ and then Create new.

  3. It will bring up a window where you actually create it. Fill in the required information.


  4. Click on the Save button. Voila! Your Reply has been saved!

To find the necessary reply, search for it in the bar.

How to manage Saved Replies?

To manage your Saved Replies, you can go to the Saved Replies page:

  1. Open one of your conversations and tap reply.

  2. Click on πŸ’¬ and then Manage or follow this link.

  3. It will direct you to the page where you can see the list of replies created previously, or it can be empty in case there is none created yet.

  4. Find the necessary one, and feel free to edit it or delete if needed.

Location owners and admins can delete replies even if they were created by someone else.

Saved Replies are filtered by Location. Each location has a number of Saved Replies, and agencies can use them only in the location.

Creating Placeholders in Saved Replies

Saved Replies include Placeholders. The following is a list of supported fields:

  • {UserName} - Name of the user for whom the answer is intended.

  • {ReviewRating} - Page rating for the page you're responding from.

  • {ConversationChannel} - Conversation channel - review, comment, or direct message.

  • {PageName} - Page name for the page you're responding from.

  • {LocationAddress} - Address from your Location settings.

With this feature, you can create a saved reply personalized to each customer. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Head to the Saved Replies Manager.

  2. Click the big [Create Reply] button.

  3. In the "Reply Text" box, click the {...} icon and choose the field you want to use from the dropdown.

  4. Fill in the rest of the reply and hit save. That's it! Your first reply with Placeholder is ready to go.

Using Saved Replies with Placeholders

Are you in the Inbox or Reputation Manager? Look for the Saved Reply icon and select your favourite reply with Placeholders. You don't need to do anything else because we'll automatically update all the Placeholders with the correct information. Cool, right?

If some fields can't be filled out because we don't have the info, don't sweat it. We'll give you a heads-up with a message: "Oops! {Field Name} isn't available right now."

If you've been using Dynamic Fields in your Location Settings, you might notice that they work differently as Placeholders in Saved Replies. With Placeholders in Saved Replies, we automatically grab information about your pages, custom settings, and location and use it to populate your responses. It's super convenient, so you don't have to update your replies whenever something changes manually.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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