Is it necessary to diversify content that you share with your audience on social media? Of course! Followers will become more engaged with your page and interested in your services, so it is advised to use the content as varied as possible.

There are five types of content that PromoRepublic supports.


You can post solely text but be advised that Twitter and LinkedIn have a character limit, 280 and 3000 respectively. Also, don't forget that for Pinterest and Instagram image is mandatory. Otherwise, you'll see a camera icon jumping in the post editor window notifying you about this.

Static images

Apart from your own images that you can either create or upload from your computer, feel free to use our handcrafted templates and photo stocks. Within the variety of image formats, our platform supports JPEG and PNG, and, no vectors, unfortunately.

With PromoRepublic you can post up to 4 photos at a time (per one post) to Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest and Google My Business don't support this option. As for Instagram, their official API restricts all the third-party services to post more than one image. As for LinkedIn, we don't provide this ability.

Instagram carousel posts aren't supported too, even though we understand how engaging this type is. In case this feature is important for you, please share your request at [email protected].


Animated images attract people's attention. With PromoRepublic you can post such pics to Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Read this article to learn more.


Add links to your posts such as your website or share your industry influencer`s thoughts - possibilities are endless! Insert a link into the caption box, but it's not possible to make a CTA - link a URL to a graphic on an image or the image itself. These articles will prompt you on how to schedule such posts to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.


With PromoRepublic you can post videos to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, but not Pinterest and Instagram due to API restrictions. Head over to this guide to learn more about video posting possibilities through our platform.

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

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