Sometimes you may encounter posts marked red in the Calendar. It means that they weren't published.

Clicking it will open the post in an extended view and you'll see this signature at the bottom.

As you can see we don't display failed posts reasons but we are able to see them in our back-log system. It is important that you don't delete such a post from the Calendar because we won't see any data about the post because it will not exist in the system.

Reach out to us letting us know about the page name and the social platform or you can provide us an ID of the page that you can see in the address line in the browser.

Depending on the social platform that the post was scheduled to there can be different reasons why it failed to be published. Here are the common ones.

Facebook group

1. Check is if the SocialPost app is added in the settings of this particular group as guided here.

2. If the app is there but the issue persists, reset the Facebook token as instructed here. According to Facebook security requirements, the token (our permission to post to your groups) is valid for 3 months. Every 90 days it expires, so you have to reauthorize SocialPost (please do not confuse with the SocialPost app in the settings of the group - reading the app will not reset the token).

Facebook business page

Most probably you have to reset the token as guided here. You might have changed your Facebook password, or logged into a different Facebook personal profile at on your computer or on several computers. Or maybe the page owner might have edited your page role rights.

Instagram Personal

We don't support automatic posting to Instagram personal pages. It means that a post won't be published on the scheduled day and time. You have to post manually as instructed in this article.

Instagram Business

The most common are reasons:

  1. Your Instagram page is not a Professional Account (but Creator or Personal);

  2. Your Instagram page is not connected to a certain Facebook business page;

  3. Admin permission has to be re-authorized.

  4. The post's video doesn't meet the technical requirements.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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